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Smart solutions for renewable energy producers

The decentralized power generation from renewable sources will continue to be a characteristic element of Germany’s power grid. According to a forecast of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act from 2017, 35 % of the total energy will be provided by wind farms in 2023. Here, EFEN’s safety interfaces can effectively safeguard PV systems and wind turbines against overload and short-circuit.

In case of a PV plant failure, and especially in large-scale installations, the string affected by a defective solar panel must be disconnected reliably, allowing the remaining sub-units to continue generating power while the installation is protected against damage. To ensure reliable protection of PV plants, EFEN offers 10 x 38 DC fuse-links and DC fuse-switches that were specifically designed for solar modules and high no-load voltages.

For the safe infeed of renewable energy, EFEN provides complete solutions in the form of cabinets fitted with summary current transformers and reliable safety interfaces for the DC as well as the AC side. Our application engineers are ready to assist you in calculating and specifying the correct fuse-links for grid-connected PV plants.

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