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Reliable plant availability in industrial applications

Reliable plant availability in industrial applications

In industrial plants, even power failures of only a few seconds can result in losing an entire production batch. Reliable and steady power supply is crucial. Particularly for the electrical infrastructure on medium- and low-voltage level, reliability, flexibility and efficiency are core requirements. Compact systems and the conditions for smooth operation are of major interest.

In this context, power dissipation is getting more and more relevant. The E3 HighPerformance NH fuse-switches from EFEN withstand short-circuit currents of 10 kA. This makes them a solution of choice for production areas where overcurrents must be mastered without compromise.

At the same time, E3 HighPerformance NH fuse-switches dissipate 20 % less power. Thermal load in the switchgear cabinet or system is reduced, which in turn has a positive effect on service life and operating costs.
This is just one of the reasons why the automotive industry trusts high-performance equipment made by EFEN.

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