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EFEN Fuse-Links

The Core of Safe Power Distribution

Rooted in our traditional core competence is EFEN’s comprehensive range of fuse-links according to IEC/DIN standards for low-voltage and medium-voltage applications. Innovative high-tech products protect people and investments and ensure maximum availability.

EFEN’s offering comprises the entire system of NH Fuse-Links for wiring and line protection as well as transformer and machinery protection. In addition to standard applications, we also offer a variety of products for specific applications. These include ESS fuse-links for energy storage systems and NH fuse-links for DC applications. Here, specific DC fuses are required since the performance data differ significantly from AC applications. For reliable section protection and high cut-out currents of photovoltaic systems, fuse-links of size 10×38 are available.

Fuse-links by EFEN comply with national and international standards and regulations such as DIN/IEC 60269 and VDE 0636.

EFEN’s general-purpose and back-up fuse-links are a reliable safety interface for transformers, capacitors and high-voltage motors. The range includes types for indoor, outdoor and oil-submerged applications and is nationally and internationally approved.

NH Fuse-Links

The wide range of state-of-the-art NH fuse-links grew from EFEN’s traditional core competence, taking it to a leading position in the market, with high technical standards and ensuring a consitently high quality. The EFEN product range offers a wide variety of solutions for virtually any application.

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D Fuse-Links

The D0 fuse systems are characterized by a high level of protection against accidental contact. Ceramic gage rings in the fuse base – prevent the installation of incorrect fuse elements in the critical range above 10 A. EFEN offers a wide range of D0 fuse-links from 2 to 63 A.

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DC Fuse-Links 10 x 38

The fuse-links 10 x 38 by EFEN are the base line of string protection in photovoltaic systems. Designed for the rated DC voltage of 600 V required for solar modules, these fuses offer reliable protection against overload and

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High Voltage Fuse-Links

The range of HV fuse-links includes variants for indoor and outdoor use as well as oil-submerged applications.
A wide range of special-purpose fuse-links – also with special dimensions – and a full range of accessories complements the offer.

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