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Efficient energy distribution

Efficient energy distribution

Efficient energy distribution

Energy efficiency and its continuous improvement in industrial plants are in the center of the legal requirements stipulated in EN 50001. This is where smart technology engineered by EFEN can make a major contribution. At the same time, E3 HighPerformance NH fuse-switches dissipate 20 % less power. Thermal load in the switchgear cabinet or system is reduced, which in turn has a positive effect on service life and operating costs.

An energy audit according to EN 50001 also requires the systematic collection of energy consumption data. Evaluating the power consumption of machines and plants can yield significant benefits in terms of efficiency and transparency, especially in industrial plants.
For the collection of consumption data, EFEN offers integrated solutions that can even be retrofitted economically into existing distribution systems.

Energy efficiency through measuring and monitoring

Complete range of current transformers and special-purpose transformers


Integrated solutions for the remote monitoring of operating states