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Power Supply

EFEN Power Supply
Power Supply

Integrated solutions for distribution grids

Having a constant and reliable supply of electric power is essential to the well-being of economy and society alike. In terms of reliable power supply, this means: Meeting future challenges in a targeted and reflected manner. Firstly, by integrating renewable energy sources into existing structures. Secondly, by overcoming system-related fluctuations and meeting the growing power demand of new technologies such as electro-mobility with reliable safety interfaces.

Reliable power distribution needs integrated solutions: Effective transformer protection concepts with selective protection of local distribution grids. Consistent concepts for interfaces along the entire line of power – from the point of generation right down to the house service box – as well as solutions for the reliable infeed of renewable energy.

Selective local grids

EFEN Selective local grids

Selective grid protection in response to volatile grid loads.

Safety interfaces

EFEN Safety interfaces

Safety interfaces from power generation to power consumption.

Renewable energy

EFEN Renewable energy

Reliable solutions for the infeed of renewable power.