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Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions for reliable power distribution

Having a constant and reliable supply of electric power is essential to the well-being of economy and society alike. Because the distribution grids form the backbone of the energy transition we are striving for, the focus has been shifted to power distribution and grid stability in all areas.

Local distribution grids are already heavily loaded by the decentralized infeed of solar power. Particularly in rural areas, grid operators are often faced with the situation that the power generated by photovoltaic systems exceeds consumption significantly. This puts an excessive load on the grids which were not designed to handle the infeed of renewable energy.

For you, this means: Meeting the upcoming challenges in a targeted and reflected manner. The integrated solutions by EFEN make sure that you are always on the safe side. EFEN as specialist for safety interfaces provides optimized solutions for circuit protection – perfectly matched to the individual area of application. The systems meet even future requirements: selective grid extension, transformer protection, high-performance solutions for industrial use, or compact circuit protection systems for TPS applications.

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Integrated solutions from EFEN for distribution grids.


High-performance solutions from EFEN for industrial applications.


Efficient solutions from EFEN for smart infrastructures.