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Product information

EFEN Product information

The following printed product information documents are available in PDF format for download:

Components for power distribution

E³-NH-Fuse-Switch_210_busbar.pdf 2022-02-28 210,59 kb
NH surge-protection-rail_Productinfo.pdf 2021-04-27 136,46 kb
E³-HighPerformance_en.pdf 2020-07-22 146,01 kb
E³-IP2X-System_en.pdf 2020-07-22 280,48 kb
E³-NH-fuse switch 910A.pdf 2020-07-22 162,29 kb
E³-NH-fuse switches_size00-185_for utility.pdf 2020-07-22 170,31 kb
E³-NH-fuse-switches_electronic fuse monitoring.pdf 2020-07-22 158,22 kb
IP2X_feed clamp.pdf 2020-07-22 149,19 kb


DC-NH_fuse rail_2p_1200V_DC_2X_3L.pdf 2020-07-22 136,97 kb

Measurement and Communication

SGIM_light.pdf 2021-04-09 195 kb
SGIM_comfort.pdf 2021-04-09 86,7 kb
E³-current transformer block_size00-100.pdf 2020-07-22 162,76 kb
E³-current transformer block_size1-3_standard&calibratable.pdf 2020-07-22 171,76 kb
E³-drop in current transformers_size1-3_calibratable.pdf 2020-07-22 118,66 kb