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Applications for distribution systems

EFEN Applications for distribution systems

Applications for distribution Systems

Distribution cabinets and pillars by EFEN are applicable in many ways. They are used as distribution cabinet for safe power supply or as control cabinets for pumps and lighting systems. The systems are characterized
by their modular design, making them ready for tomorrow’s smart power grid.

Distribution Systems

EFEN’s standardized distribution cabinets and pillars comply with DIN EN 61439-5 and can be extended to
meet specifi c requirements. The modular system with 4 width and 3 height possibilities offers various application
options up to smart-grid applications.

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Distribution pillar, round

The visually appealing house service and distribution pillars are the perfect solution for safe outdoor connections.
Thanks to their modular design, they can be confi gured individually. They are available as stationary and mobile
versions for use at event locations.

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Distribution systems comply with DIN IEC 61439-5

Distribution cabinets and pillars from EFEN comply with the stringent requirements of DIN IEC 61439-5 – to enhance the safety of persons and equipment and to ensure a higher level of system availability. The modular distribution system is available in 4 widths and 3 heights. It offers various application options up to smart-grid applications.

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House Service Systems

Because our small house service pillars can be mouted outside, the are accessible for service work at any time.
Their compact dimensions make these enclosures a perfect solution for a protected house service connection located outdoors.

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Even more solutions

Complementing the range of distribution and house service systems, EFEN offers a multitude of solutions for overhead-line and junction boxes. These products optimally complement the end-to-end, safe power supply
up to the consumer.

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