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Local distribution grids

EFEN Local distribution grids
Local distribution grids

Ensuring reliable operation in local distribution grids

Distribution grids form the backbone of the energy transition. The high number of local power producers in conjunction with volatile power flows can overload operating equipment. Accordingly, power distribution grids must be able to handle completely new challenges for which existing operating equipment has not been designed.

Here, local grid stations are of particular interest. EFEN’s safety interfaces on the medium-voltage and low-voltage side provide reliable protection to local grid transformers. These can be reliably safeguarded by EFEN’s general-purpose and back-up fuse-links against the thermal and dynamic effects of short-circuits. The corresponding product range includes types for indoor, outdoor and oil-submerged applications and is nationally and internationally approved.

On the low-voltage side, gTr NH fuse-links from EFEN ensure that the overload capacity of transformers is utilized most efficiently. These fuse-links are adjusted to the transformers‘ load characteristics and the high-voltage fuse-links. EFEN’s transformer fuse-links withstand 1.3 times the transformer’s rated current for at least 10 hours. Especially with regard to increasingly volatile grid loads, this may render redimensioning of transformers obsolete.

Reliable safety interface for transformers

EFEN Reliable safety interface for transformers

HV general-purpose and back-up fuse-links

Efficient transformer protection

EFEN Efficient transformer protection

NH fuse-links for transformer protection

Selective protection in
local distribution grids

EFEN Selective protection in<br />local distribution grids

NH fuse-links for selective grid protection