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Smart Grid Interface Module Light

A compact solution for more intelligence in power grids.

Transparent energy flows are a prerequisite for the stability of smart grids. Accordingly, actual grid states must be combined in a smart manner in order to match supply and demand. This is essential in order to balance the strongly fluctuating energy flows caused by volatile power sources on the one hand and consumption peaks caused by the steadily increasing number of electric vehicles drawing power for recharging on the other hand.

With our Smart Grid Interface Module (SGIM) Light, we at EFEN offer you a space-saving option for simple retrofitting or new installation. This way you are prepared for the new requirements of your grid. With a simple „Click and Fix“ system, the SGIM Light can be mounted directly on our E³-NH fuse-switches sizes 1-3 without any major wiring effort.

Compact measurements

Due to its compact design (installation height 70mm), the SGIM Light offers a wide range of possible applications from the cable distribution cabinet to the transformer station. Direct mounting without large wiring effort on our E³-NH fuse-switches size 1-3.

Powerful solution

All the relevant data for your grid analysis are collected and made available via Modbus after a quick and easy installation/configuration. The transmission can also be implemented via radio.

Easy to retrofit

Together with the EFEN E³-NH fuse-switches size 1-3, we offer you a simple and quick way to retrofit a complete current measurement system into your existing facilities. To make it even easier for you, we also offer a pre-assembled set.

This is our download area for the SGIM Light.