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Power Distribution Components

EFEN Power Distribution Components

Safe Distribution of High Currents

As a specialist for safety interfaces, EFEN offers the optimum portfolio of innovative power distribution omponents. Our focus is on user-friendly installation, a responsible handling of energy as a resource and also on
application-oriented solutions.

NH Fuse-Bases

Comprehensive product range by EFEN for switchgear and distributor manufacturing. The range includes sizes 000
to 3L for all common mounting types and also various application-specific designs. A full range of accessories for many connection versions as well as partition walls, contact and fuse covers is available.

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NH Fuse-Switches, horizontal design

Perfectly-tuned systems with one to four switching poles and in sizes 000 to 3. In DC applications, the compact TPS fuse-switches and load-break switches save space and costs. A comprehensive range of accessories allows various application-specifi csolutions to be realized.

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NH Fuse-Switches, vertical design and Fuse-Rails

The core competences of EFEN comprise vertical-design NH fuse-switches for safe power distribution. Vertical-design NH fuse-switches offer excellent electrical properties and many upgrade options for smart power distribution.

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Switch-fuses, load-changeover switches

Switch-fuses and load-changeover switches by EFEN are characterized by their robust functionality and compact
design. The range comprises 3- and 4-pole versions as well as bypass versions with and without fuse-links.

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D0 Fuse-Switches, horizontal design

For D01 and D02 fuse-links and 10×38 cylindrical fuse-links. The tried-andtested products by EFEN are compact and easy to install. Connections are user-friendly the tripped state is clearly indicated.

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