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Enhanced grid stability

The requirements for energy distribution in terms of usage, functionality and
structures are ever changing. Power grids are subject to the severe deviations in
energy flow caused by renewable sources. In the future, grids will also be challenged
by electric vehicles drawing power at charging stations.

Smart Grid Interface Module

The transparency of energy flow is a decisive factor for smart grids. The EFEN Smart Grid Interface allows the convenient collection of current data on site. Data is transmitted to the local power distribution station or superordinate network management system without any additional wiring effort. Thanks to their compact design, the EFEN Smart Grid Interfaces can be easily retrofitted into blank fields in the distribution cabinets.

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The new V-Line – Distributing power and protecting grids with optimal efficiency

For any utility company a reliable power supply is on top of the priorities list. Specific operating conditions call for failsafe energy distribution systems with superb usability.

In addition to easy operation and application, safety and reliability are of core importance as well. When it comes to safe handling and ease of installation, EFEN’s V-Line NH fuse-switches and fuse-rails are unrivaled. Thanks to their compact design, the devices can be integrated into low-profile distribution cabinets. The functional elements of the NH fuse-switches provide ease of operation and feature an ergonomic design.
Open NH fuse-rails of size 00/185 and 1/2 complement the V-Line product range to suit even the most diverse applications. Contact and terminal covers prevent unintentional touching in accordance with BGV A3 regulations.
All plastic parts are made of halogen-free, self-extinguishing materials with a very high thermal resistance.

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Selecting and configuring – the EFEN online catalog

Even more products and optimal overview are the distinct features of EFEN’s new online catalog of products, systems and solutions for smart energy distribution. When creating the catalog, the editors implemented a lot of the feedback received from customers.

The scope of the revision is already obvious in the table of contents. Based on the five main categories of the printed catalog, all product groups and accessories have been arranged for optimal clarity an overview.

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