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Information about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

EFEN Information about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are countering the effects of the Corona pandemic with a large number of emergency measures. Our measures include stricter hygiene rules for our employees based on the recommendations of the German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute, regulations on suspicious cases of employees, very strict visiting regulations for external business partners, cancellation of company events and visits to events and trade fairs, flexible working hours for our employees, home office activities, building up additional stocks of materials and constant communication with suppliers, as well as close coordination with the authorities.

To date, there have been no delivery bottlenecks with our suppliers. The supply of materials for our production is therefore currently secured. However, it is currently impossible to fully assess delivery risks among our suppliers due to the corona pandemic. As a risk management measure, higher inventories were built up some time ago and additional orders in excess of current requirements were placed with foresight. Nevertheless, unexpected supply bottlenecks may occur. We are currently producing at full capacity.

At the moment we do not have a Corona case in our company. In the event of a Corona infection, the regulations of the public health department apply. We generally cannot exclude the possibility that the public health department could order the closure of parts of the company or the company itself. We can react flexibly to staff absences, as we have good and comprehensively trained specialists in all areas. The measures introduced to protect our employees do not lead to production bottlenecks or impair operational processes.

Despite our emergency measures, we cannot fundamentally rule out delays in delivery for your orders. The extent of possible effects of the Coronavirus on our employee availability cannot be estimated.

Due to the tense situation, we ask you to please avoid having to present the operational situation to you at very short intervals. Many thanks in advance! We offer you our best possible service at all times, taking into account the current circumstances. Of course, we will inform you immediately if there are delivery difficulties for your orders.

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