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News from EFEN

EFEN Solutions for smart power distribution grids

Enhanced grid reliability

The demands on energy distribution in terms of use, functionality and structure are changing rapidly and profoundly. Power grids are subject to strong fluctuations in energy flow caused by renewable energy sources. In the future, grids will be increasingly challenged by consumers such as EV charging stations.

Transparency of energy flows is a critical factor for the stability of the grid. Due to the strongly fluctuating energy flows from volatile sources as well as increasing load peaks caused by charging processes, it is necessary to combine current grid status values with requirements in order to smartly match supply and demand. Continuous measuring and monitoring of the dynamic loads in the distribution grids is necessary so that grid operators can ensure the reliability of the distribution grids and make cost-effective adjustments to the infrastructure. EFENs multi-stage concept is an easy and cost-effective method of implementing measuring points in distribution grids.

Smart power distribution grids

Lösungen für smarte Energieverteilnetze von EFENDistribution grids are the backbone of the energy transition. More than 1.5 million decentralized plants feed over 90 percent of the power into the grids of the distribution grid operators. This is compounded by the steady growth of e-mobility. These trends have a significant impact on low-voltage distribution grids which were not designed for this purpose. To detect critical conditions at an early stage, transformer stations, distribution cabinets or power distribution systems must be equipped with smart measuring technology. These systems take over the tasks of measuring grid load and grid quality. However, the constraints must be taken into account: limited space, cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Multi-stage concept by EFEN

The new climate protection law makes it clear: The transformation of the energy system is being accelerated once again. The increased expansion targets for renewable energies, the ramp-up of electric mobility and the transformation of the heating sector continue to pose challenges for all players involved in the energy transition. The new requirements can only be met by connecting components, systems and players. Suitable strategies for the digitalization and smartification of grid operations are required.
EFEN offers a multi-stage concept for this, also for the smart retrofitting of existing installations. From ready-to-connect pre-wired fuse-switches with integrated low-power current transformer or current transformers for measuring current grid parameters, via MEM modules for recording and transmitting the values via Modbus, to convenient monitoring and visualization of the grid statuses in transformer stations by Smart Grid Interface Modul.