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Smart Grid Interface Module Comfort

EFEN Smart Grid Interface Module Comfort


Our powerful solution for more grid intelligence.

The requirements for energy distribution in terms of usage, functionality and structures are ever changing. Meeting this challenge calls for tested and proven solutions: Simple assembly into existing systems without interruption of power, flexibility in terms of the number of measuring points as well as a hardware that can be handled without extensive prior training.

To meet this challenge, practical solutions are required: simple and live installation in existing systems, flexibility with regard to the number of measuring points, and handling without a great deal of training. With the Smart Grid Interface Module Comfort, EFEN has developed a modular system for the collection of electric and other physical parameters in distribution cabinets and wiring distributors

Custom configuration

The SGIM Comfort offers a wide range of application possibilities due to its compact design (analog NH fuse switches). With only one device you have the possibility to realize a 3-phase monitoring of up to 14 low-voltage connections. Upgrades including measurement and communication modules complete the modular system.

Simple installation

Live mounting with „Plug & Play“ on a 185 mm busbar system. Using Rogowski coils you have a simple and fast possibility to integrate the complete current measurement into your existing application – customizable according to your needs. We recommend our pre-assembled E³-NH fuse-switch with built-in current transformers for new installations.

Integrated safety

The integrated CAT IV surge protection keeps your devices safe. You can also rely on the security of an integrated firewall, so your analysis data is protected from intrusion and properly secured according to modern transmission protocols.