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The new V-Line

The new V-Line – Distributing power and protecting grids with optimal efficiency

For any utility company a reliable power supply is on top of the priorities list. Specific operating conditions call for failsafe energy distribution systems with superb usability.

In addition to easy operation and application, safety and reliability are of core importance as well. When it comes to safe handling and ease of installation, EFEN’s V-Line NH fuse-switches and fuse-rails are unrivaled. Thanks to their compact design, the devices can be integrated into low-profile distribution cabinets. The functional elements of the NH fuse-switches provide ease of operation and feature an ergonomic design.
Open NH fuse-rails of size 00/185 and 1/2 complement the V-Line product range to suit even the most diverse applications. Contact and terminal covers prevent unintentional touching in accordance with BGV A3 regulations.
All plastic parts are made of halogen-free, self-extinguishing materials with a very high thermal resistance.

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Multiple connection options

The proven multiple-use terminals can be used with cable lugs and unassembled cable ends up to 240 mm² alike. Other connection types are available as accessories and can be easily retrofitted for maximum flexibility.

Extended service life

To ensure a maximum service life, we only use topnotch materials for our products. Live parts are treated with tin or silver for minimal contact resistance and performance loss.

All performance data at one glance

Performance data and switch state of the NH fuse-links can be easily seen through the transparent cover window.

Space-saving design

Thanks to the specific base design, V-Line products can be installed over busbar supports. This allows the entire mounting surface to be used.