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EFEN, as a Member of Hager Group
E3 = ethics, environment and energy
Our formula for substainability

For EFEN, as a Member of Hager Group, sustainability means fulfilling the current needs of our society – without endangering the interests of future generations.This principle is at the heart of our design and production philosophy. We are therefore committed to further reducing environmental impacts. No one knows what the future will bring. We therefore guard against risks and actively pursue opportunities. These include: Investment in the further training and development of our employees, in efficient energy usage and in future technologies.

Because what counts is – being on the right path to safeguard our success for the long-term. We have summarized our Hager Group E3 initiative of sustainable development for you:


The Ethics Charta – an action framework with clear values. The successful and sustainable economic development of a company is based on the trust that its customers, suppliers and partners are willing to trust to it. However, this trust must also exist between the company and its employees, and among the employees themselves.


For EFEN, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is at the top of the priority list. A study was therefore carried out in 2013 in which the three economic areas – the so-called scopes – from the extraction of the raw materials right through to the delivery of the finished goods were analyzed.


The current global energy demand lies well above 100,000 tera-watt hours (= 100,000 billion watt-hours) per year. It is anticipated that this amount will double by 2050. Around 85 percent of the world’s energy demand is still covered by fossil fuels. However, oil and coal reserves are constantly declining. And anything that is scarce becomes valuable and thereby expensive.

E for Ethics:
We act according to ethical principles in relation to our employees, partners and customers.

E for Environment:
We actively respect and protect our environment and nature. 

E for Energy:
We optimize all areas in order to increase our energy efficiency.


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